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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Evolving Collage

Several years ago now (though it doesn't seem that long ago) we refinished our "public" bathroom.  That's the one that guests are supposed to be able to use.  Right.  When you have an adult-teenager living in the house, and that's his main bathroom, well, you can imagine that it isn't always readily suitable for visitors. Oh, and when I say "we" refinished that bathroom, I mean my husband and my son-in-law.

Anyway, after months of construction mess and having to share our master bath with two kids at the time, the room got done and it's absolutely beautiful.  Jesse is great at choosing colors, and, in fact, used the same color when she painted the bathroom in her current home.

This bathroom has been sitting there completely un-decorated, directly across the hall from my studio and driving me crazy.  There is one small framed verse on the wall and a candle on the counter and that's as far as it goes.  Bare, empty green walls stare back at me any time I dare to enter.

I should stop here and say that my husband has plans for these walls, and when we finally find the perfect frames for the perfect train pictures, we can easily swap them out for what I just did. Seriously, I'll be ready for a change by then...and the walls will probably be ready for fresh paint as well.

Last Friday my hubby and I ventured out to some of our favorite antique stores, and for the most part, we came up pretty empty.  Of course, I managed to find a few little things, but my favorite was another vintage wire desktop letter sorter.  I now own three of these, all different, and since I am a total vintage office stuff geek, I can never have enough.  That also means, however, that I'm running out of room in my office.

So how do my lack of office space, a third mail sorter and a barren bathroom all come together to make for a worthwhile blog post?  Rather than get into a long explanation, let me just show you.

Here's what I started with:

and here's what I ended up with:

I'm calling it "The Evolving Collage" because the plan is to add things to it as I find or acquire them, and to encourage fellow family members to do the same.

These are all just random things I found in drawers and cubbies, wired and tied to the letter tray, which I hung on a matte black hook from Hobby Lobby.  It's a fun little montage of silly stuff that I thought visitors might find interesting.  Many of the items are hung with old Christmas ornament hooks that missed being put back in their box after we took down the tree.  Who knew I'd find a use for them in February?

Thanks for stopping by the barn.  We're all about taking the old and making something new out of it.  I hope you are inspired by what we do.


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