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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't Box Me In

 Here in the Midwest, we have been experiencing a record-breaking drought.  After weeks and weeks of unbearable heat and no rain, it really starts to get to you.  You find yourself looking up at the sky in search of a stray cloud, checking the radar, and watching the evening news just hoping for those words indicating that even the slightest of changes is on the way.

And then when you do hear it, and you've been disappointed numerous times, watching storm clouds zip by close enough to smell the rain, but withholding it from your parched little patch of a yard, you scoff, switch off the television and decide that it's just never going to happen.

Last night, we were told, once again, that there was a slight chance of very scattered showers today.  Imagine my surprise upon awaking, to hear the pitter-patter of rain drops on our window.  Like manna from heaven, precious drops of liquid fell from the sky, and this time, instead of releasing just a few teasers and then drifting on, the clouds hung around for hours and let loose.  It was amazing to finally get a break from our dry spell, and even though it will take many more mornings like this to make up for our eight inch deficit, we are very grateful for what we received.

Rainy days stir in me a desire to create, and there has been a project on my mind for weeks for which I've had all the supplies.  It's a simple little project that I came up with one day while walking the aisles of my favorite craft store.  I had bought dozens of clearanced gift card tins for another project, and had several leftover, and when the colored chalk caught my eye, I knew just how to put them to good use.

All you need for this project, besides the ugly tins and chalk, are a can of chalkboard spray paint and some sponges. Paint the lids with a couple of coats and let them dry.  Put the chalk in the tin, cut a sponge to fit the leftover space, and voila!  You have a travel-sized chalkboard!

I spiced mine up a bit with some vinyl and used an elastic hair band to keep the lid firmly in place.  These will be for sale at I Am What I Am on Main Street in St. Charles beginning Tuesday.

I hope you enjoy this project, and wherever you are, I hope you are getting rain if you need it, sun if you don't.  Have a blessed day!



  1. Cute project!
    So glad to hear that you had rain. I have read about the terrible problems the farmers are faced with.


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