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Saturday, September 22, 2012

We love garage sales

It was a beautiful Saturday here at home, and there was a city-wide garage sale event going on near Jesse.  With that in mind, we loaded up ol' Blue and set off to see what we could find.

Often times, we are hard-pressed to find "real" garage sales, where junk is spread out all over the place and there are lots of hidden treasures.  Too often, all we see are driveways full of Little Tikes stuff, mountains of clothes, and a variety of dated, tole-painted items.

Today was not one of those days.

We've learned that older neighborhoods usually have the best junk, and talking to people can lead to even more fun finds.  It's kind of like taking a cue from American Pickers.  How often to they find the next "honey hole" because they bothered to ask if there is anyone else around who collects and sells stuff?

Most, if not all, of what we found today will be used in our shop.  With less than two weeks until opening day, we're getting down to the wire when it comes to selecting just the right pieces for sale and display.  With a store like ours though, we imagine that it will be re-arranged often, with pieces traded out, to keep it fresh and fun.

Here's what we found on today's outing:

I'm not sure what it is about old printer's type pieces, but I love them.  This set is especially cute because it's for pricing store items, so it should come in handy. The only bad news is that the capitol "B" and "D" are missing. Everything else is there though, so it's a pretty cool find.

This second set of stamps includes two sizes of numbers, a decimal, 
dollar and cent sign.  Not too bad for a mere $3.

We got this pair of really nice old chairs for a bargain.  My plan is to paint them, 
(do I have to sand them first?) 
and then use vinyl lettering on the backs to make them adorable.

We absolutely could not resist this gorgeous five-panel door! It even has really cute door knobs and hinges!  We're thinking we may cover it with hooks and use it as a jewelry display.

Believe it or not, this is our new bathroom door.  Not seeing much in the way of privacy here, right? Well, my plan is to cover the pains in etched glass vinyl and then to stick suction cups on the side that faces the hallway for even more hanging display area.

So there you have it, a day full of great finds and really good prices.  We bought some other crafty stuff and the best craft supply garage sale ever, and we'll be using those to make things for the shop.

We are really looking forward to our grand opening on October 5, and we will have more more in our blog about the shop as things come together.

Thanks for stopping by!

Valerie & Jess
The Barn Girls

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