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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wholesale Away with Me

As often as possible, we use products that are made
in America to create our pieces. That's what it's all about.
One of the best feelings in the world is the one you get when you make your first sale of something  created with your own two hands.  It's validating. It's thrilling.  No matter if you made eight cents, eight dollars or a huge profit, it's just nice to know someone likes your work.

As someone who still cringes at the word "artist," even after years of crafting, creating and dreaming, I can't help but get a rush every time I sell something I made.  It's just nice to know I'm not the only one who likes it.

Painting signs.
The Poverty Barn Etsy shop has been open for almost a year, and every sale is a praise, despite the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by the time I cut off Christmas delivery orders!  It is incredibly rewarding to get a note from a customer who loved a piece they bought.  I treasure every one.

A finished piece.
About a month ago, an Etsy convo came through with a question about wholesale orders.  I didn't think a whole lot about it, until the on-line conversation became a phone call, which turned into a series of emails, which culminated in our first wholesale order.  Yesterday, we shipped fifty custom pallet wood signs to Nashville to be sold at Natalie Grant's upcoming concerts.

Yes, when I heard the quantity they wanted, I felt a little nervous, and then when I realized they needed to be delivered in a week, I nearly panicked.  However, when my husband assured me that he could build them, I knew that if he could do that, I could get them painted, packaged and shipped.

Fifty signs, ready to package
and ship!
It was a whirlwind 72 hours, but we did get the order filled and it shipped out yesterday.  The satisfaction I felt as I walked out of the UPS Store was amazing.  Now, I have my fingers crossed hoping that they are well-received, not so much because I want more orders, but because I would hate for someone to put so much trust in us and then be stuck with something we made!  :)

What's next for us?  Well, it just so happens that less than 24 hours after that order shipped, we received an inquiry about another wholesale order for a local shop. It looks like I have a bit of ciphering to do to see if we can make this deal work too.  I have to say that 2013 is starting out to be a pretty darned exiting year!

Thanks for stopping by our blog.  If you haven't visited our shop, Poverty Barn & Friends, yet, we would love to have you as our guest!



  1. Way to go, Valerie! And love the sign. Off to check out your Etsy shop.

  2. Thank you, Susan! I hope you like what you see!


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