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Friday, March 22, 2013

Counting Down

It's hard to believe that just six months ago we were sweating our fannies off painting the walls, cleaning and moving in furniture to set up our little shop.

Now, here we are counting down the days until we close the doors and move on to the next chapter in our little business.

As I watch merchandise slowly dwindle down when each artist comes in to claim their products, it strikes me as a bit sad that this little dream is coming to an end.  But then I think about all that is ahead of us, and the excitement begins to build!

Once we close and lock the doors on March 30, we will be free from being tied to a schedule and making sure that all of the hours are covered.  We'll no longer have to worry about things like the DSL bill and the insurance payment.  Our time will be spent doing that which we love best:  Creating beautiful, useful, fun things and selling them to people who appreciate them.

We are so happy to have had this part of the adventure, if only to say "we did it!' We had dreamed for a long time of having a shop of our own and experiencing the joys and frustrations of full-on retail have been a great learning experience.

Now it's time to move forward, and see just what lies around the next bend.  Dip that paddle in the water, let's go!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Heart Prints

It's raining here today. Again.  And truly, after the severe drought we've had, it's a blessing so I'm not complaining at all.

But the thing is, the rain is making me a little bit morose, and I don't like to feel that way.

Here's what's on my mind:

Reminders of all that a friend is missing out on today because he took his own life a few years back.

A dear cousin who is losing her battle with cancer, yet surely gaining a special place in heaven.

A family who is waiting for the birth of a baby with anencephaly, which means that the child has a 1% chance of surviving more than a few hours after delivery.

The speed at which life passes, especially the older we get, as evidenced by my grand-daughter's first birthday in just a few days, my son's 20th birthday not long after that, and my Dad's 80th birthday in October.

Individually, these things are enough to choke me up, but add them together and let me ponder them on a rainy day, and I should be a rapidly expanding puddle of tears.

What keeps me sane, what binds my heart and stops the tears from overwhelming me is the knowledge that God is bigger than each of these events, and stronger than the emotions of all of them combined. I know that He holds each person involved in the palm of His hand, leaving fingerprints of comfort upon each heart.

I know they are on mine, some smudged, some barely visible, and some as clear and sharp as if cut by a laser.

God is good, in all things. And for that, on this rain-soaked day, I am thankful.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Beyond Black & White

Several months ago, we began creating signs and game boards out of used pallets.  My husband brings them home from work and does all the construction. I get to do the fun part:  Designing and painting, as well as a bit of sanding to finish off the piece.

Originally, everything we did was black and white, but after several customer requests, we've started doing other colors as well.

Here are two of our most popular, the 10x10 signs, "It is Well with my Soul" and "A True Love Story Never Ends," in five different colors. Shown are black, brown, patina, barn red and Navy.

Other colors are available by request, so if you have something in mind, drop us a note.  Remember that it works best to have lighter words and a dark background.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Closed doors, open windows

It's been a tough winter here in our little neck of the woods.  Yes, we've gotten more snow than in the last few years, but that is really a good thing.  With the drought and low rivers, we can use all the moisture we can get!

The reason it's been so difficult is because traffic in our little shop has been slow.  When I say slow, I mean really, r-e-a-l-l-y s--l--o--w.  We knew that once Christmas was over, things would taper off considerably, but I really don't think we were prepared for this.

When you run a small business, every penny counts. Our shop was opened on a shoestring budget, and we have kept expenses as low as possible.  Unfortunately, it's just not enough.  Just six months after opening, we will close our doors on March 31.

Losing our little shop makes us sad, but it also opens up a world of opportunities.  Without the worries of staffing, inventory, making the rent and paying the insurance and internet bills, we'll be able to focus more on the parts we really love:  Coming up with new products, and having the time to make them!

So even though our store is going dark, that does not mean that the lights will go out  for Poverty Barn.  In fact, we have a lot of exciting things ahead of us.  For one thing, our Etsy shop has really taken off!  We're learning fresh ways to promote our products and new customers find us every day. There are several handmade marketplace-type shops in our area, and we'll be working with as many of them as possible.  We've also started doing more wholesale work, which has turned out to be quite a blessing. Along with that, there are other options available to us that we know are going to help us continue to grow and market our product lines.

Yes, we have come to the end of a chapter, and it really was a good one.  We learned a lot about ourselves and about doing business, and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity to make a dream come true.  How many people spend their lives thinking, "Some day I'd like to open my own business"? We had the chance and it was really fun.

We have made a lot of great friends along the way, met some amazing artists and have an expanded our foray into the world of handmade.  As the door closes on this chapter, we can't wait to see what windows God opens for us in the next one!

Thank you to everyone who supported us, especially our family and friends.  You spread the word well and we are extremely thankful for each of you!  We also met a lot of new people and we appreciate so much how you made us feel welcomed, at home and loved in Historic Cottleville.

Keep checking back for more news and lots of exciting product additions, as well as our show schedule and the ever-expanding list of retail locations where Poverty Barn goodies can be found.


Val & Jess
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