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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Background, Check!

We've all heard that saying "There's no 'I' in 'Teamwork,' which is true.  However, if you rearrange some letters, you will find the word "we" which is the perfect word to describe our home-based business.

Quite often, when I come up with a new idea or something with which I need help, my hubby is the one who becomes my sounding board.  He lets me bounce stuff off of him, listens when I ramble about crazy things I'd like to do, and solves problems that I run up against.

Today was one of those days where he came through in a pinch and solved a problem that I had kind of created for myself.  Back in the blur of the Christmas season, I bought some beautiful vinyl photo backdrops to use for photographing products. They came from Etsy seller Swanky Prints and I absolutely love them!

I've never used backdrops before but I just knew that they would add a little something to the images I shoot for our online listings.  Plus, they would mean that when it's brutally cold outside I won't have to freeze my face off taking pictures on my front porch.  The only problem was, I didn't really know how to set them up so I could actually use them.

Hubby to the rescue!

We stopped in at Home Depot to look at torpedo heaters for the garage where all of our pallet signs get built. (Did I mention that we're in the midst of a deep freeze here?)  While we were there, I mentioned the backdrops and how I needed some kind of contraption on which to hang them.  At first, I could tell he wasn't all that interested in the project, but after walking around a bit, he asked me to tell him more. When we walked down the aisle with the PVC pipe, I knew a solution was close at hand.

After looking at some pipe, calculating flimsiness and discussing how the drops would actually hang, he figured out exactly what we needed.  The best part, I spent less than $4 on supplies.  The next best part, he had it built within about 15 minutes of our return home.

This seems like such a simple solution, but for the life of me, I couldn't seem to come up with it.  What's great is that I had the grommets and the rings already so once he did his part, mine was easy and it was up and working in no time.  It's lightweight, comes apart for storage or transport, and I can use it anywhere!

He's going to make one more modification that will allow me to lower it a few inches if I want to, but to me, I think it's already awesome.  It sure is nice to have a man who not only supports this business, but isn't opposed to helping out when his nutty wife throws new problems at him.

You should all be jealous.  :)


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