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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dressing up for Spring

When I was young and I dreamed about the type of house I wanted to live in some day, it was always an older home with a big, wrap-around porch. It had a swing and a scattering of wicker chairs and tables.  There were flowers in canning jars, a pie cooling in the window (made by whom, I have no idea) and old, faded patchwork quilts draped over the rails.

I'm still waiting for that steeped-in-Mayberry dream home. For the last 20 years we've lived in a great room ranch in a subdivision. I actually love our home, despite the fact that it doesn't match the one in my fantasies. At least it has a porch, even if it's small and compact and there's no pie in sight.

After the long, nasty winter we had, here's what that porch looked like Saturday morning:

 Yes, the snow shovel was still out, because believe it or not, we had flurries last weekend. It's the Midwest, we expect this kind of thing.

After a trip to Home Depot for some color, I got to work removing all the stuff from the porch, dragging the wicker up from winter storage in the back yard, and cleaning everything off. Then I set about arranging the furniture, hanging the lights and then I finally got around to the planting.

The lights are new for this year, and I'm still trying to decide if I like them or not.  One thing's for sure, when I turn them on at night, it's very bright.  Kind of Clark-Griswold-lights-up-the-house-for-Christmas bright. I'm still hoping to hang these in the backyard one of these days. My hubby has a vision for a corn hole court, and I think these would be perfect overhead. If we get around to that project, you'll see it here.

There are a lot of fun pieces packed into a very small space, but I love the coziness of it.  From the laundry tub full of plants, to the table my hubby made out of pallet wood and the scattering of enamelware, there is always something to look at.  This year I also added the little wooden piece with the glass insulators. It was just laying among the pile of pallet wood that we use for signs and it seemed perfect for something. I'm still thinking I might want to letter it but I haven't decided what it needs to say.

So this is my little piece of country in the suburbs. Feel free to pull up a chair, shell some peas and catch up on all the latest gossip.

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