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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Everything Old is New Again

Last Sunday after church, and lunch, we made our usual stop at Jo-Ann Fabric. I'm always running in to grab more paint, or something else to keep this little business going.

While I was deciding between colors of chalk paint, my hubby was looking at garden containers. He found this fabulous aluminum box that immediately reminded us of a milk cooler. In case you're not as old as us, at one time, one didn't have to run to the grocery or local dairy store for dairy products. They would be delivered right to your door and left in a nice little insulated metal cooler on your front porch if you weren't home.

Our local dairy was St. Charles Dairy Company and yes, I still remember getting deliveries. I also remember going to their store where they scooped up the best mint chip ice cream I've ever had.  The company went out of business more than twenty years ago, but we have a lot of items with their logo around our house, including one of the milk coolers.

We decided to buy the planter and stencil a St. Charles Dairy Company logo on it using vinyl. The only real challenge was getting a good logo to trace.  While I have many pieces of memorabilia here, very few are flat and scanner-friendly.  I first tried a metal stamp, which is an actual piece of typeset from an old newspaper. I couldn't get a sharp enough image, so I went in search of something else.

It came down to pulling a lighted sign down off the top of the cabinet, or trying to make a flat-sided milk bottle work. I opted to try the bottle first. In order to get a clean image, I put a piece of printer paper inside, laid it on my scanner and, voila! I decent enough image.

Next, I imported it into my Silhouette Design Studio software, where I did a trace, which came out amazingly well. The only thing I really had to fix were the words "Dairy Co." in the glyph or tail of the "y."

I cut the image out, did a reverse-weed and then applied to to the side of the box.  Since my hubby is way better with a spray paint can than I am, he did the next part. He applied several coats of bright red paint, then allowed it to dry thoroughly.  We removed the vinyl, and you can see the final results.

We really like the way it turned out. We have a mix of red geraniums, grass and vine that will be planted in it, hopefully tomorrow.  After that, it will have a spot of honor on our front porch.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Pinteresting Mother's Day Gifts

Pinterest.  It can be a major inspiration, or a huge waste of time. It all depends on if you actually make or do some of the things you see, or if you just pin and dream.

I tend to do a bit of both. Of course, I am much more successful at making crafty projects than cooking the recipes I find. I am not ashamed to admit that I am the most undomesticated person I know.  Cooking is not my forte. Looking at our house right now, you would assume that I am also vacuum-challenged, and you would be right.

Fortunately, when God opted to spare me the domesticity gene, he replaced it with the crafty gene, and I would much rather have that one so I'll exploit it to no end.

On one of my recent Pinterest breaks, I found a fun tutorial for painting canning jars with chalk paint, then sealing them with a wax sealer.  In the blog, they also filled them with dirt and planted succulents.  Apparently, chalk paint and succulents are two really "in" things right now, so I feel super sly knowing that I'm on that bandwagon.

I decided these would make fun Mother's Day gifts so I fixed up a half dozen and gave them away to my Moms, my daughter and a couple of other special ladies in my life. I also made my own cards, using a burlap print that I had created the week before.  The combinations were a hit, and here's how it all turned out:

I added the burlap "ribbon" for an extra rustic touch.

I had a few plants leftover, so I potted them in these blue insulators, which fit perfectly in this scrap from one of the many pallets in our stock pile.

I used this printed burlap piece (available in our Etsy shop), reduced it, and adhered it to the front of a folded piece of card stock to create the "perfect" Mother's Day card.
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